Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Will you understand?

Will do good for you to remember,
that though I look put-together;
I am most of the time, weak,
unraveling as we speak.

Guilty of repeating a mistake,
even with so much at stake;
It is like each little lesson,
evaporates after a session.

I sometimes forget to hope,
find it all hard to cope;
Give up without a thought,
something for which, I fought.

I seem to have so much to say,
yet keep everyone at bay;
even with the best of intent,
I find it hard to be, content.

I wonder what you'll think,
If we'll ever be in sync;
When you hold my hand,
will you understand?

This is poem 14 for Robert Lee Brewer's April PAD Challenge 2011. The prompt: "Message in a bottle poem". This one is me wondering aloud, and forewarning the one that is meant to hold my hand through life. Form: Quatrains; Rhyme Scheme: AABB.

Don't play with fate,
that text can wait.
Take the NO PHONE ZONE pledge.

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