Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

I hope it was a calm, balmy night,
one drenched with that yellow light.
There's you two, close enough to bite;
to sore eyes like mine, what a sight!

Perched daintily atop one shiny metal beam,
your invisible eyes, reflect his gleam.
A scene so perfect, straight out of a dream,
oblivious to the world around, you two seem.

Arms resting on the beam, legs in a stationary dance,
a back bent towards him, eyes drinking him in with a glance.
Two shiny heads of darkest brown, yellow-gold halo, in a trance,
in the streets of of bang and bucks, an irreverent romance.

The green traffic signal in the background, says GO.
The palpable fire red passion, bounds does it know?
A signboard "WEAR HELMET", warns you of the foe;
And the all encompassing yellow, frames you, just so.

Felt like a not so gentle reminder, from up above,
that no matter what, men like me, can still love.

A picture can truly speak a thousand words, and sometimes, inspire a poem. This poem was born out of a facebook profile picture of my friend, Laishram Romal Michael Singh. And so, it is dedicated to him. The rhyme scheme here is AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD-EE.

Friday, October 7, 2011

A letter.

Dear you-know-who-you are,

It's been a long time since I wrote to you,
scratch that out, for I never did write.
It seems so long now, doesn't it,
when I was in a forest, and you were hiring headcounts.

Midnight on a rickety old terrace,
and even later on the inky seashore;
sitting cross-legged, sharing stories,
boxes of Ferro-rocher;
long scooter rides;
veshti-clad Chennai Sangamam visits;
and chat conversations,
hundreds of lines long.

Why do I write now, when I was the one that went away?
When all that was, is not, and will never be?

It's just something that I've felt for very long,
but could never say, never could find the words.

Though I could never give you what you wanted,
I wish I had been man enough to tell you,
I wanted you, nonetheless.

A smile that I never knew I had.

Funny that when we first met,
I didn't want you to see my crooked teeth.
That I stretched my thin lips tight,
in to what you hopefully thought was a smile.

That I now kiss you with my metal-wrapped teeth,
And laugh out loud at the slightest excuse,
That camera flashes lock on with a vengeance,
to confident teeth behind shiny trainers of steel.

A smile that I never knew I had,
Until you came along and proved me wrong.