Saturday, April 30, 2011

What got me here.

It started with a trip to the garden city,
And a solemn resolve to never look back;
A glimpse of a world without me, which it almost was,
And narcissistic praise heaped upon literary brethren.

A cinquain to glorify carnal pleasure,
A time poem to chronicle a walk and beyond.
A testament to being different, always,
and an old friend, fondly remembered.

The crowning glory of it all, my own sonnet,
and a four line tribute to two strong women;
This wall brought Frost and Facebook together,
I also unveiled my grand scheme to the world.

Love bites got their spot in the sunlight,
And a plea went the way of love yet to be found,
A monstrous sestina that didn't make much sense,
And I had to care, this one brought an award.

A tribute to the indefatigable Nihonese spirit,
And my first tryst with comic poetry, with a fart;
My furry feline's purring found mention,
And a racy fling titillated before disappearing forever.

An honest and fair prayer, a shadorma this time,
And a fall, that was not so mighty, after all,
The story of a child sex worker thanks to the great O,
And to lead or to follow, that was the question.

A profound marital realization, a little too late,
And I got better at comic sense, went from fart too poop.
What a terrible thing to write, about a world sans words;
And a tale of how I dissolve in a special someone's warm embrace.

And a teaser of what is to come, after I leave here.
Thirty days of poeming got me here.

YES. I AM FINALLY DONE. 15 minutes are left for midnight to strike on April the 30th and for NaPoWriMo to draw to a close. This is my 30th and final poem for Robert Lee Brewer's April PAD Challenge 2011. The prompt is ironically the very first prompt that kick-started this challenge - "A what got you here poem". I saved it for last, for I wanted a prompt that would let me sum up 30 days worth of poeming.

Thanks to Dheepikaa without whom this wouldn't have happened. Thanks to Robert Lee Brewer, whose 30 incredible prompts kept me challenged and inspired. Thanks to Jingle and Thursday Poets Rally for the support and recognition. And thanks to every single person, known and unknown, who had something nice to say about my poems.

Jya Mata!

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