Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quit farting in bed.

Just so you know, my sweet honey,
It ain't funny.

I know you have to let out that methane,
I can't complain.

But why dost thou always pass at nigh,
I just sigh!

On most occasions there is no noise,
such flatulent poise.

If there is, you mask it with a cough;
I silently laugh.

When I said I prefer a strong scent,
Mint, I meant.

Baby, on nights you have a bean-y meal,
Imagine how I feel.

This is poem 18 for Robert Lee Brewer's April PAD Challenge 2011. Prompt: "Quit doing what you are doing poem". I am a bit tired of writing emo. Wanted to make the reader laugh. Hope you did. Form: Couplets; Rhyme Scheme: AABBCC


  1. Very funny and a really fresh type of piece from you.

  2. So eloquently written about something so comically natural.