Sunday, April 24, 2011

Never see you again.

That balmy evening,
felt your eyes on me,
and turned right around,
you didn't flinch.

That inviting smile,
I was in no mood to resist,
I let myself return it,
and walk toward.

Deep, gentle voice,
made shameless love to my ear;
pupils dilated, lips parted,
you read the signs.

A couple of drinks,
your hands found mine,
our bodies moved as one,
an easy romance.

"It's late, gotta go.
Had a great time".
"Did you have a great time,
or are you having one?"

Every single time,
you almost hit the ring.
A few notes well placed,
the stuffed panda was mine.

Gentle black waves,
buried your toes with mine,
The moon showed the way,
your hand held mine.

Your lips met mine,
it was time; we both knew,
this is where we were headed,
when I first turned.

Little beads of sweat,
breathless bodies, glowing faces,
your tender kisses, and my head,
resting on your arm.

The cab drew away,
With your taste still on my lips,
I felt quite certain that I'll
never see you again.

This is poem 20 for Robert Lee Brewer's April PAD Challenge 2011. Prompt: "Never again poem". This one is inspired by the movie "Remember me" that I watched this evening. No form, no rhyme.. felt good to let the words flow, after a while.


  1. Nice one...the words do flow effortlessly and create a vivid image.

  2. Lovely. Something similar I wrote for 'westward or eastward' - universal poetic connection again, I say.

  3. lovely.

    romance and lost passion..well done.
    enjoyed the easy word flow.


  4. wow, powerful write!


  5. I like fee and easy verse. It's especially well suited to your theme, things advancing as they will, then fading away along with the cab.

  6. Should be "free and easy". I can usually spell. Must be the exhaust fumes from the cab. :)