Thursday, April 21, 2011

Like the Nihonjin.

Let's try to see the kami in everything;
from a resplendent sakura to a lonely ki.

Let's hold on to honor like the samurai,
cultivate the gaman that glues nihon together.

Let's learn grace in the time of terror,
hold minasan's welfare above watashi.

Let's learn to go out of our way to help,
make every gaikokujin feel at home, yokoso!

Let's imbibe the power of hardwork and sheer perfection,
that made possible the jidoshas and the shinkansen.

Let's learn to eat food as nature gives it,
sushi, sashimi, and just a dash of wasabi.

Let's never forget true human grit and strength,
salute the gojunin or so nihonjin that braved Fukushima.

It is with pride that I speak of the nihonjin,
this Indojin is smitten, there will be no sayonara.

This is poem 17 for Robert Lee Brewer's April PAD Challenge 2011. Prompt: "Like (blank) poem". This one is dedicated to Nihon and its brave people. I couldn't love them more.

Vocabulary Lesson:

Nihon - Japan
Kami - Spiritual essence
Sakura - Cherry blossom
Ki - Tree
Samurai - Japanese warrior
Gaman - Perseverance, Stoicism.
Minasan - Everyone
Watashi - I
Gaikokujin - Foreign national
Yokoso - Welcome!
Jidosha - Automobile
Shinkhansen - Bullet train
Sushi/Sashimi - Dishes made from raw fish
Wasabi - Horse radish
Gojunin - 50 (people)
Nihonjin - Japanese national
Indojin - Indian national
Sayonara - Farewell

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