Saturday, April 16, 2011

SI's Sonnet.

Thou art the glorious scent of first rain,
when maketh it love to a grain of sand,
Thy sweet lips to touch mine I wait in vain,
Oh, how I yearn for the touch of thy hand!

I long for the love that fills thy bosom,
The eternal spring of thy wondrous gaze,
Life sans thee is an endless dark chasm,
Oh, how strange and wily are life's ways!

Sleepless nights are filled with thy moonlit face,
Stars lose their light to the gleam in thy eye,
Weeks and months pass in wait of thy embrace,
Oh, how I roll over in bed and sigh!

And for long I shall play this game of thine,
For one day, thy heart is sure to be mine.

THIS IS A SONNET. MY SONNET. In the tradition of the Bard's sonnets:
It has three quatrains and a couplet.
It follows the rhyme scheme abab-cdcd-efef-gg.
It follows the iambic pentameter - exactly 10 syllables per line, 5 stressed, 5 not stressed.
It is about love, as most of the bard's sonnets were.
It introduces a problem in the first three quatrains (that of unreciprocated love) and proposes a solution in the end ( that the poet will wait and win).

It has been a cherished goal to pen a sonnet this NaPoWriMo. And I finally did. I AM CRAZY PROUD OF MYSELF RIGHT NOW. I ROCK!!!

This is poem 9 for Robert Lee Brewer's April PAD Challenge 2011. The prompt: "A form poem".


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Such Shakespearean style. I am proud of you too!

  2. beautiful

    thanks for sharing...

  3. beautiful. it even has that old English touch to it :) pride is justified :)

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  4. Well done Lord Sreedspeare. If i read this randomly without the authors name, i doubt if i could have traced it to belong to our times.
    Really sounds like the lines of old.

  5. ah! the joy of yearning lol

    Nice sonnet, enjoy the potluck!

  6. good job! my potluck..

  7. it is terrific! :)



  8. thrilled to have you in,


    please share a free verse with poets rally week 42 today,

    you rock.

    Bless your Weekend.