Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Run the world.

When they say that men are the stronger sex,
I think of you.
I have a belly laugh.

When you cried your way through difficult times,
I thought it was weakness.
I now know better.

When they ask me what's it to not have a father,
I say I don't know.
I have my mother.

When every life decision has to take you into account,
I feel empowered.
To be responsible for you.

When I answered a quiz about my greatest fear,
I hesitated to type the words.
Your mortality.

When I want the best words to end this ode,
I quote Beyonce,
Ladies, you run the world.


  1. Lovely Shreedhar. Heartwrenching.

  2. This touched me.Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wonderful moving poem

  4. beautiful and a great tribute to your mother

  5. Thanks all for the beautiful and encouraging comments. This is my entry for Jingle's potluck.