Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What won't wait.

My skin's collagen reserves will deplete,
it will sag,
it will wrinkle.

My hair will start to run out of melanin,
it will gray,
it will fall.

My brace-corrected teeth won't always be,
they will fall out of place,
they will fall.

And in matters of libido, needless to say,
the bigger they are,
the harder they fall.

And that famous metabolism will fail one day,
I'll bloat with each morsel,
just like everyone else.

No matter how long it takes you to find me,
I can wait, but,
time won't.

This is poem 4 for Robert Lee Brewer's November PAD Chapbook Challenge 2011. The prompt: "A what won't wait" poem.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not in the least, Normal.

Being the same hue, in a mass of blue.

Resplendent in pink, as sleek as a mink.

Crowd please-r, creative miser.

Hopeless eccentric, a clever trick.

Toes the line, pays the fine.

Breaks the rules, calls them fools.

Lost in the crowd's swell, identity hard to tell.

A stickler for sticking out, paranoia never in doubt.

All that is easy, everything else is termed sleazy.

Life is in those little moments, for the rest is torment.

This is poem number 3 for Robert Lee Brewer's November PAD Chapbook Challenge 2011. The prompt is a "Normal/Abnormal" poem.

This is my signature poetic form. (should get it copyrighted!) This is my statement against the labels this world finds so easy to throw at you and me. Normal is something, I never want to be.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


"Journeys end in lovers' meeting,
every wise man's son doth know."
- William Shakespeare

They started to arrive years two or three ago,postbox-ed,
and inbox-ed, first in a trickle, and then in showers steady,
some in casings of embellished hard paper, some in Google bits;
bearers of news, that the next one, had taken the plunge.

Marital communiques signaled progression and joyous union, once,
of kith and kin, a day of forgotten vices, and innocent fun.
Oft now, these days of late, what but a stark reminder,
of moments too fleeting to hold, and a tyrannical ticking clock.

Endless nights unspent in an un-embrace with oneself,
Uncertainty festers best on a cold, rainy monsoon night,
in a room with no soul but one,and a singular wish to have someone;
a fervent prayer, to walk past quo of status, to that one.

However, the gregarious solar being, marches back to the horizon,
promiscuities of the night before with his dark, buxom damsels, leading to
endless ejaculations that caused the said festering, and the resultant
emotion, or lack thereof; he brings along his friend, hope.

This is poem number 2 for Robert Lee Brewer's November PAD Chapbook Challenge 2011. The prompt is "Poem inspired by an Epigraph/Quotation".

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When the time is just right.

I know his name and the streets he will walk on;
the city he will be born in, and the one he'll call home;
the mother he will adore, the father he will look up to.
the sister he will love, the friend he'll count on.

I can see him dance to his silent tune in the monsoon rain,
See him hold a heavy secret, that would soon exact its price.
I can see him savour a stolen kiss, cherish a forbidden love.
See him cry when all he ever knew, vanished in a moment.

He'll embrace an alien world, and make it his home.
He'll find validation in the eyes of the one who knows.
He'll carry wounds too deep to heal, too raw to hide.
Yet hope will stay afloat, in those eyes, in that smile.

I can see him run, oh, I can see him run,
Hell, I even know the song that plays as he runs,
I know where he's going and why he's in a rush,
And best of all, I know how it all ends.

He awaits the pressing of each key, of each letter,
that would fill his sinew with blood, of the literary type.
The words that would form, and together tell his story,
when my fingers finally think the time is just right.

November PAD, ahoy! This is poem number 1 for Robert Lee Brewer's November PAD Chapbook Challenge 2011. The prompt is "Procrastination Poem".

There's a month's time to explore the meters and the rhyming schemes. To start with, I just typed, as the words flowed.

Hello November PAD!

I might have a trying date with an Asian jin,
that wily one from the land of the rising sun,
That might justify the need to rest my verse.

Words and I, are however, thick as kith and kin,
It's impossible to deny myself all this fun.
There will be poeming, even if it's terse.

To stay away from you would be a literary sin,
Time to dive in, and start this breathless run.
November PAD, it's time for us, to converse.

This one's for Robert Lee Brewer's November PAD Challenge that starts tomorrow. This is my first November PAD. Stay with me through this month, reader! I can sure use the support and appreciation.

Here's to 30 days of poeming!