Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love Right Hate Heart Life Light

Everyone yearns for this thing called love,
Someone to meet, who they know is just right.
It needs an offset, this world of potent hate,
a clarion call of hope, for every aching heart.
Does one walk about, just leading their life,
Hoping to meet someone, to fill them with light?

A lover's gaze as soft as a feather, as light,
Two kindred souls entwined in the web of love,
Two beings fused together, living one life.
To know that, to have that, is everyone's right.
No science can compute the matters of a heart,
No medicine can heal those ridden with hate.

It never takes much effort to spew out hate.
Darkness is the norm in the absence of light.
Fist-sized holder of conflicting emotion, that heart,
A container fit to be filled with bursting love;
In one fleeting moment, when things aren't right,
can forget that warmth, the nourisher of life.

In the chaos of it all, it's people that make a life,
People that bring us forth, ones we desire, even hate.
We sometimes chance upon someone, who makes it all right.
Whose eyes are kind, and as bright as a beam of sun light.
It is said that the best of us is reflected in those we love,
Those that dare to persevere, and find the key to our heart.

In some tiny nook, hidden inside every single beating heart,
hides a thirst for a soul to call their own; for a life,
whose missing pieces are filled in by the deft hand of love.
And when love deals his hand, he leaves no room for hate.
Amidst unforgiving minutes and uncertain seconds, a beacon of light.
Whenever it comes, it is worth the wait, and will feel right.

It might not work, it might fail, but is no fault for you to right.
sometimes it just makes sense to not think, just go with the heart.
We all travel, on roads of time, searching for the elusive light.
It is the search, the journey, the experience of it all, that's life.
And every time you take a turn, a road that leads down to hate,
Turn right around, take your time, you are never far from love.

Love is your right.
Hate hurts your heart.
Life's best viewed in light.

This is poem 15 for Robert Lee Brewer's April PAD Challenge 2011. The prompt: "Love Poem". I have kept the language and message simple. The form was hard enough a challenge. Form: Sestina

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