Wednesday, April 11, 2012

That Kitchen Cupboard

A black and white image,
three quaint shelves,
stacked bottles, plastic and glass.
Masalas, condiments, and chewing gum.
Jars labelled cloves, pepper and cinnamon.
Two turned heads, eyes staring, hearts pondering,
supermarket visits, hand in hand,
a house lived in, by man, and man;
arguments over a favorite brand,
noodles and flour, bought for two.
one hand and spoon, yet fed mouths, two.
A single bed, that still fits two.

Three quaint kitchen shelves, in black and white;
The promise of an irreverent romance,
but, with who?
If only I knew.

The prompt for this poem is : Two or more people interacting without speaking.

This is a poem born out of the aching melancholy that took hold on gazing at the afore-described image. 

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