Monday, April 2, 2012

A miracle that might not be.

There is an inexplicable sweet agony,
the uncertainty of dreams that may manifest;
of the unrelenting trickery of time,
and the impotency of bureaucracy.
Of a miracle that might not be,
of caramel brown hands holding yellowish white,
of eager ears ingesting sounds familiar, yet foreign,
the tantalizing prospect of rising with the sun.
Bursting red strolley, favorable exchange rate,
international debit card, indigenous keepsake,
fat pussy cats, fishless meals, an almost family,
point and shoot, practiced phrases, all in the head.
Months give way to weeks, to days of pregnant moments,
mind that apparates away from the mundane, to rise,
along with that rising sun, a thousand times over,
rehearsing a miracle, that might not be.

That's done, an agony-filled write-up, as I sit in fervent prayer for the aforesaid miracle. This is Poem 2 for Robert Lee Brewer's April Poem-A-Day Challenge 2012

The prompt for this poem is : A visitor poem

The poem captures my inner turmoil at the moment, of a miracle that might not be.

Form and Rhyme: Free Verse

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