Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In Retrospect

The apology isn't for:

having imagined that generous subcutaneous fat,
could merge with slight bone and sinew,
and form a being, substantial at last,
that hole could now be, whole.

the asinine belief in the instant ever after,
two minds tethered in brilliant askew,
the reflected image of want, too vivid,
the original impalpable, mired by the mirage.

the indulgence that encouraged the craving,
for a father figure, comrade of intellect,
just stopping short of a carnal lover; a bright speck
of protest on a solitary self-sufficient kismet.

The apology is only for:

the singular shortness of sight,
of the heavy burden that was wantonly imposed,
on a man-child, unsure, battling the brutes within,
needy, yet, unlearned in the art of giving back.

The prompt for this poem is : An Apologetic/Unapologetic Poem

This one looks back on a failed friendship with nothing but calm objectivity.

Form and Rhyme: Free Verse (though there are some unplanned rhymes, here and there..)

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