Friday, July 8, 2011

YOU in my rear-view mirror.

I once felt that dread, those huge fingers,
dwarfing mine, across the asphalt,
sweaty warmth.

Never thought we would cease to be;
YOU and I
cease to be

Like the nasty feeling of a creepy crawling
down my sweaty neck, my arm raises,
a sticky splotch.

Nasty squishy was never you;
never meant to be

The heat exists no more, extinguished,
by a sudden afternoon downpour, lukewarm,
an icy blue hue.

Hot was how I knew you;
icy blue hue
is not

This is a crazy form poem. I should start filing patents for crazy forms. LOL!
The three word prompt (they are italicized in the poem) is from Three Word Wednesday.
Stumbled upon this site on Dheepikaa's blog.


  1. Now there is a form to take note of. Good one.

  2. I found it very entertaining I've wanted to my own poetry form too