Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cham!!!!

As you step into a new year,
dreams tethered by sinewy hope;
the imminent horizon will clear,
no more mess for you to cope.

Your troubles belong in the past,
today the universe hears your call.
those that doubted, stare aghast,
as you climb higher, standing tall.

You bear bullshit with a smile,
your tears' audience, a private few;
How many in your shoes, can walk, even a mile?
But you stand and fight, as if on cue.

The world is now your playground,
never doubt what you will make of yourself.
raucous laughter, the only legitimate sound,
that will surround, your sunny self.

I am glad that I call you my friend,
survivors belong together, holding hands;
It is the choicest of wishes that I send,
blaze your own path, on time's sands.

This poem is a birthday wish to my dearest friend, Cham! Happy Birthday, Cham! Have the most wonderful year ahead!

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