Tuesday, May 3, 2011


A day in the A-Z, fresh in my memory,
too early to be up, for you, that was life for me though,
a half-sleepy, half-unsure look, is he a good mentor, or devil incarnate, maybe;
that was my introduction to you.
soon you were sandwiched between my long term neighbor and me,
and we were to be the three not-so-little “performers”!
we worked till our asses shone and laughed till it hurt at all the right places;
understood it was “forever and always”, and was never “too late to apologize”;
drank spoilt slim milk, thrived on green tea, and asked for our extra jalapenos and olives,
slept too little, worked too much, and reached out to our literary oxygen masks;
exchanged intimate secrets on a winding beach pathway,
having come to investigate a lone individual’s sexcapade;
the things a strong drink can make one do!
no more rambling mails to a man we both loved,
no more endless hours of working hard, having fun; me being history;
every little word, every little song, every little moment of wonder,
will keep us entangled, forever.

Written on Monday, November 15, 2010.

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